Top 10 Reasons Why We Love Babywearing

Babywearing is the practice of wearing your baby in a sling or other forms of carrier. So in celebration of the International Babywearing Week 2014, here are our top 10 reasons why we love babywearing.

  1. It's healthy. I can't imagine how much back pain I have suffered until now if I have not learned to wear my baby. I started wearing him on his first week. It was difficult for me to carry him while he nurse and rock him at the same time. So I forced myself to learn the ring sling.

More than that, it's healthy for the baby. In its early stages, the sling imitates the womb of the mother where the baby is accustomed to for nine months. It is said that the gestation period of babies are actually nine months inside the womb and nine months after birth. The environment that the carrier provides when the baby is worn helps the baby to be more organized in the new world he is in. It resembles the patterns and rhythms that he felt while he was inside the mother's womb.
  1. Handsfree. This is one of the benefits that I love most! I can carry my baby and still carry other things or do other things. I can go to the grocery alone with my baby, I can push the cart or carry a basket without worrying that my baby will be distressed or will get anything from the shelves. I can clean the house, work on my computer, cook sometimes, and eat while keeping my baby close. 

  1. No bulky strollers. My husband and I are not fans of strollers. They are difficult to carry around and prolonged staying in the stroller can contribute to flat head syndrome to babies. We love going around with our baby in our carriers instead of pushing a stroller around with a baby in our arms (wink*)-- you know how babies are when they are tired seating and want to be carried. With our carrier, we can easily respond to our baby's cues because he is close to us and we can teach him the things he see by pointing at them. 

  1. Baby cry less. During the first few months, my baby was not exempted in having reflux and gassy stomach, especially when I ate something that trigger a reaction in his tummy (I am breastfeeding). He would start crying and it was difficult to decipher his cries. Carrying him tummy-to-tummy in our sling allows him to feel my body heat and rhythm, then he would stop crying and doze off to sleep. Until now, when he has discomfort, we would just carry him in a sling and he would fine. 

  1. Promotes Bonding. Being close together, makes baby and parents bond easily. Especially with father-son relationship, they are very good at it because my husband learned to carry our baby in a ring sling then later on in a mei tai. They can go outside together, have a walk, or roam around the mall, no problem. Hubby enjoys carrying the baby and baby enjoys being carried, too. They love back carrying!  

  1. Successful breastfeeding. I have been breastfeeding my baby since birth until now that he is already a toddler. Babywearing promotes successful breastfeeding; and also breastfeeding on the go! I can feed him while we are malling. I can do my shopping and he can eat! If at home, I can rock him to sleep while feeding, which he likes very much. 

  1. Economical and convenient. Our sling is way less expensive that a good quality stroller; and I said above, it is convenient to use. It could fit in the baby's bag and easy to carry.

  1. Different carry positions. We can carry our baby tummy-to-tummy, side carry and back carry. He can sleep, look around and enjoy the view, nurse and sleep again!  

  1. Can grow with the baby. Our ring sling remains loyal, we first used it 3 days after birth and still using it today (15 months later). Carriers can carry babies from newborn to toddlerhood or as long as they want to be carried. I know some moms who still carry their babies in their carriers until 4 years old. Economical indeed!  

  1. Baby loves being carried. Babies are meant to be carried, if not, they should have been born already walking. Even with the Filipino adage, "Huwag sanayin sa karga," we still chose to carry our baby because we love it and he loves it, too!

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