We Will All Be Changed

Today is the beginning of 2012 Week of Prayer for Christian Unity with the theme: "We will all be changed by the victory of our Lord Jesus Christ." The theme is based on 1 Corinthians 15:51-58. It is with the hope that as we pray for the unity of the church, we will be changed and transformed to be like Christ.

Here are the thematic reflection throughout this week:
Day 1 - Changed by the servant Christ
Day 2 - Changed through patient waiting for the Lord
Day 3 - Changed by the suffering Servant
Day 4 - Changed by the Lord's victory over evil.
Day 5 - Changed by the peace of the Risen Lord
Day 6 - Changed by God's steadfast love
Day 7 - Changed by the Good Shepherd
Day 8 - United in the Reign of Christ
Last night, my husband and I had a sort of evaluation and reflection about the things we are going through. Admittedly, as we go through this period of transition in our marriage, there are really a lot of adjustments and changes. As we continued to reflect, I was reminded of Matthew 6:33, "But seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you."

As we go through our married lives, we believe that we need to change and transform our lives into the persons God is shaping us to be.

Even though we regularly have our devotion and prayer time, we thought that we really need to engage our faith more often. Maybe a regular examen, too, is in proper. We usually have this time to evaluate ourselves only if we have arguments. As the verse say, we need to change priorities: Seek the God first. Because of our busy lifestyle and work, sometimes our devotion time in morning and our prayer at bedtime are enough to say that we have involved God in our day. But seems not. These times become like a routine and seem to lose their meanings as we go through the day.

Everyday is an opportunity to learn; and learning, I believe, is a process. Since we can not learn everything in just one day, one month or even one year of marriage, some attitudes should be changed, too. Learning about your spouse is an everyday journey. What you learned about him/her today may not be true in about a month or so. People change and situations change; but if you can not change the person into someone you want him/her to be, pray that your attitude toward that person be changed. Respond rather than react--responding means allowing yourself to reflect first and think about the next thing you are going to say or do.

This New Year, I did not make resolutions or listed down new things I want to impose to myself (but I have listed goals), instead I am allowing each day to teach me lessons. Also, allowing God to change me little by little everyday into the person He intended me to be.

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