Moving On

I moved back to my home province, Isabela, over a year ago. I admit it was some sort of a painful process for me. But because I was doing it to be with the love of my life, I have to persevere. I believed I can adopt, and I think I did!

When everything was packed and I was getting ready to leave our apartment in few days, I wrote a note with a checklist of the things that I will be missing:

1. McDo coke float and Wendy's biggie ice tea
2. Tuesdays meeting (and eating) with DRP Core Team
3. Dinners and movies with Eufer
4. Walking, hiking, biking at QC Circle, Ninoy Aquino Wildlife, Luneta, and Lamesa Ecopark
5. Late night Mister Kabab food tripping with Kris and Ken
6. SM, Trinoma, Robinsons (isama na rin ang Puregold at Waltermart)
7. Central Vesper Choir, practices, and dinners
8. UMC Headquarters, people and place
9. Timezone fun times (I still have credits in my powercard.)
10. Bus, fx, and jeepney rides and getting stuck in traffic (also MRT and LRT)

With the feeling of nostalgia, I looked back into this list, and realized that I have indeed moved on, and is moving forward everyday--not without these things, people, and places but recreating them in many other things, people, and places; and savoring the moments whenever I have to experience them again. I am not really out of the metro, I still go there once in while and still get the feel of what my life had been. Along the way of adjustment, I have created a new list to compensate:

1. Homemade fruit shakes and teas, which is lot healthier than McDo's and Wendy's
2. Meeting with annual youth officers--some I host at our house
3. Short and long phone calls with Eufer
4. Early morning or late night walks around the subdivision and to the farm with Jonathan
5. Late night conversation with the "Team A" at school (sometimes with food)
6. Trip to local market, grocery stores, and shopping malls.
7. Zion UMC members, especially the kids
8. Home office (with all the creative mess)
9. Neighborhood visits and playing with the kids
10. Weekly long bus rides--bus companies should be thinking of frequent rider rewards!

Being use to moving made me more adoptable to changes. I think the only difficult thing is finding my place in the community. Aside from my relatives, I am not familiar with any other person or family in our subdivision. If I plan to stay longer here, I think I should make an extra effort in knowing my neighbors. That's the challenge, I guess.

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  1. I say they're well worth the move! Enjoy provinciana life!