Pregnancy Glow

Now that my pregnancy is almost over, I want to share my “glow.” For some, pregnancy, blame it to the hormonal changes, brings a lot of unwanted physical changes other than the growing tummy. I wasn’t spared. I have my own share but many people told me that I am a beautifully pregnant. Other than having a lot of supportive people around me, I got some help from different cosmetics that somehow kept those unwanted physical changes at bay.

Moisturize! Contrary to other pregnant women’s experiences of having lush beautiful hair and skin during pregnancy, mine were dry. Maybe because I faced a lot of stress during the early stage of my pregnancy—doing my master’s thesis, sleepless nights and a lot of travelling.

I have been reading about stretch marks. They say it is unavoidable and no cream can heal them, but if I can’t control their appearance, maybe at least minimize them. Also, the problem of the itchy belly. Most Filipinos thinks that it is because the baby is already growing hair so your belly becomes itchy, but actually, it is because of the skin trying to stretch to accommodate the growing baby! Most people told me to avoid scratching so there will be no stretch marks, but I just couldn’t help it. So to minimize the stretch marks and avoid the itch, I kept my belly moisturized by using ample amount of Body Butter Cream in Mango. I love the scent!

Some pregnant women, are thankful to experience smooth skin, again thanks to the hormones. But as for me, my skin became dry so I used the Body Butter Cream as my lotion, too.

For my face, especially treating dark circles brought by sleepless nights and stress, I used the miracle oil, Sunflower Beauty Oil. This oil does a lot for me (and my husband, too!) I use it under my eyes to prevent eye bags and dark circles, I moisturize my face with it before putting make-up, apply it to my underarm and prevent excessive discoloration brought by pregnancy hormones, sometimes for my itchy belly, too. It keeps pimples away and protects the skin from sunburn.

I used to use Balancing Facial Wash because of my oily face but the skin on my face became a little sensitive during pregnancy so I switched to Nourishing Facial Wash. It is mild and the tomato ingredient keeps my face skin supple.

For my hair, I continued using Strengthening Shampoo in Peppermint and avoided excessive hair fall. I love the peppermint scent because it also cools the scalp. I just love it because it seems like my body temperature is three times as high as normal even though I don’t have fever. I also use Moisturizing Conditioner in Vanilla scent to moisturize my hair and top it with Hair Serum, especially if I go out in the sun!

The Feminine Wash Chamomile Cool is also a good addition to my regimen. I used the Chamomile Fresh for a long time. But because of the body heat, this product keeps my delicate area cool. It is mild and it keep the odor and itch away.

Even before my baby is born, I purchased the Baby Wash for my evening shower. The chamomile is very relaxing and calming and helps me in getting a rest after a stressful day.

Lastly, my favorite is the nightly massage with Calming Massage Oil. As my belly grew and can no longer reach my toes, my husband lends a hand every night before sleeping in massaging my legs and back. Because of that, I did not have a lot of leg cramps and the aroma helps me relax and go to sleep.
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